Irritant gas, thuggish pensioner, rioting: franconian police draw up halloween balance sheet

Irritant gas, thuggish pensioner, rioting: Franconian police draw up Halloween balance sheet

The police had a lot to do on Halloween this year, although fortunately there were hardly any attacks by horror clowns this time. Only one incident is known: One was up to no good in Buchbrunn.

In Lower Franconia, there was less for the police to do than last year – from 90 Halloween-related operations then, the number dropped to 63 this year. Some missions, however, had it all: In Oberthulba in the Bad Kissingen district, unknown persons sprayed irritant gas during a Halloween party – 29 people were injured:

Incident at Halloween party in Lower Franconia: 29 visitors injured
In Dittelbrunn, a pensioner was obviously not in the mood for Halloween and threatened children who asked for candy with a decorative weapon:

Horror clown and threatened children: The Halloween balance of the police Lower Franconia
In Munnerstadt, a 39-year-old woman allowed herself a bad Halloween prank: she sprayed a car and its driver with butyric acid:

Bad joke on Halloween: Butyric acid sprayed on man

Halloween: The balance in Middle Franconia

In total, the Central Franconian police responded to 171 calls for service related to Halloween festivities. In this context, there were 32 incidents of disturbances of the peace. Property damage was reported in 18 cases. The total damage caused was around 11.000 euros. Twelve people were slightly injured by bodily harm.

In Nuremberg East, the police, in cooperation with the Youth and Public Order Office and customs, carried out youth protection checks in the area of the Klingenhofareal.

In the course of the evening, there were physical clashes between different groups of young people there and at the Herrnhutte subway stop. In this case, an 18-year-old was to be taken into custody because he repeatedly attacked passers-by and incited them to physical altercations. The man, who was under the influence of alcohol, got physical with the police officers, so that he had to be taken to the ground and handcuffed. One police officer was slightly injured during the operation. Preliminary proceedings were initiated against the 18-year-old for resistance to law enforcement officers and bodily harm.

Due to the increased presence of the emergency forces, the atmosphere on site relaxed. No persons were seriously injured.

In Herzogenaurach in the district of Erlangen-Hochstadt, a Halloween party resulted in a brawl involving about 30 people – some of whom were injured:

Fight and dangerous bodily injury at Halloween party in Herzogenaurach

In Erlangen, there was damage to property throughout the day. In some cases, houses were pelted with eggs, elsewhere even windows were destroyed:

Erlangen: Numerous damage to property on Halloween

Police operations on Halloween in Upper Franconia

In Grub am Forst in the district of Coburg, masked youths lifted out manhole covers and kicked lanterns:

District of Coburg: Young hooligans get up to mischief in Grub am Forst
In Forchheim, a fight broke out after a Halloween party: In the process, an 18-year-old was slightly injured in the face:

After Halloween party in Forchheim: Unknown assailants attack 18-year-old man

Significantly fewer operations for the Bavarian police on Halloween

In Bavaria as a whole, however, the number of operations was significantly lower than in the previous year, according to officials. The majority of Halloween celebrations in the Free State were therefore quiet and remained without incidents.

In Munich, the police counted 48 operations because of Halloween (after 57 in the previous year), in Lower Franconia it was 63 (previous year: 90) and in Lower Bavaria as many as 71.

In Neutraubling, Upper Palatinate (district of Regensburg), unknown persons threw eggs at a house. The entire facade would probably have to be repainted, a police spokesman explained on Wednesday. Eggs also flew at a house in Munich. According to the police, the perpetrators were four 15-year-olds who are being investigated for damage to property.

In addition to too loud parties, some residents were also bothered by firecrackers and fireworks, which were set off in several cases. In Metten (Deggendorf district), according to police, an 18-year-old man was so careless with a firecracker around midnight that he injured himself and set fire to a car. He had to be treated in hospital. According to investigators, the damage to the car is about 12.000 euros.

For a five-year-old boy, Halloween night ended at Augsburg Children’s Hospital. Earlier in the evening, he had rung a doorbell to collect candy – and the 57-year-old resident of the house opened. But suddenly, for an initially unexplained reason, the man’s eyes went black. He lost his balance, tumbled down the five flights of stairs in front of his door and fell on the boy. The five-year-old briefly lost consciousness. He was taken to Children’s Hospital for examination without serious injuries. The 57-year-old homeowner was unhurt in the crash.