Finally losing weight? Fit into the new year 2018

Christmas is over and the turn of the year is coming: “2018 I stick to it” or “this will be my year!” many people say to themselves in front of the mirror. New Year’s Eve knocks at the door and with it the classical resolutions: healthier nutrition and altogether more sport.
Adequate means to get rid of the kilos of the holidays respectively to leave behind the calorie-rich year 2017.

But how to reach this goal?

To lose weight effectively, we should integrate strength training into our daily exercise routine in addition to endurance training. “With the help of this unbeatable double pack, you will sustainably increase your basal metabolic rate, both in activity and in rest phases on the couch”, says Prof. Dr. Ingo Frobose, director of the center for health by sport and movement of the German sport university Cologne.

Nevertheless, sport alone is not enough to start the new year slim. Because if more is eaten in addition to the sport, it can come nevertheless to annoying pounds. Decisive for weight loss is the energy balance. Calorie intake should be in relation to calories consumed. It is to be paid attention to a balanced and healthy nutrition.

But whether sports or nutrition – implementing good resolutions is difficult for many people. It helps to formulate the own goals positively, explains the Federal association of German pharmacist federations in its magazine ?new pharmacist Illustrated ? (Issue 1. January 2018). Instead of “I don’t want to be so unathletic anymore” you say to yourself better: “If I manage to do sports twice a week, I can go hiking with my kids on vacation.” Or: “If I pay attention from now on to a healthy nutrition, I have more fit years with my grandchildren.”