Csu reprimands the choice of deputies

The Ebelsbacher CSU is disappointed that it has not come in the election of the deputies of the mayor to the train. “Unfortunately here on the part of the SPD and BNL a chance was missed”, regrets the local federation in a press release of the party.


On Wednesday, 6. May, the Ebelsbacher local council had constituted itself. Martin Horn (SPD) was sworn in as the new mayor and successor to Walter Ziegler (Burgernahe Liste, BNL). Andreas Hoch (BNL) was appointed as Second Mayor and Norbert Wippich (SPD) as Third Mayor by the new municipal council.

The CSU would have liked to push through its own candidates, but failed. Martin Wasser had proposed the CSU faction leader Roland Metzner as candidate for the office of the second mayor in the meeting. Metzner has in the runoff election for the mayoralty on 29. March 44.86 percent of the votes cast and was defeated Horn thus “only narrowly. Clearly over 1000 citizens have spoken out for him as mayor. In addition, the CSU in Ebelsbach with 35.35 percent also again achieved the best election result. As Mr. Wasser pointed out in the meeting: “An election of Roland Metzner as second mayor would have corresponded to the will of the voters of Ebelsbach”, means the CSU in its message further.


Instead, as in the past, the SPD and BNL once again used their joint majority of votes to push through their own policies and their own personnel, the local association contends. “SPD and BNL could not even bring themselves to vote for our candidate Markus Reinwand as Third Mayor.” According to the CSU, by electing a CSU candidate to represent the mayor, SPD and BNL could have sent a positive signal for cross-party cooperation and trusting cooperation in the interests of the citizens.

At least in this first session, according to the CSU, the words of Martin Horn, who offered “cooperation across party lines” have not yet had a resounding effect. Always 11 to 6 is not a good starting point for further cooperation in the municipal council.”

Ready for cooperation

A “Keep it up” there must not be in the interest of a good and trusting cooperation and in the interest of the thing, so that Ebelsbach advances, demands the CSU. It is however ready for co-operation: “Further we will stretch out the hand.”