“It was ne great time, it is over”

Rebecca Reidelbach had chosen the lyrics and the melody of the July song as background music for her farewell as Albertshofer wine princess and announced in a modified way: “It was a great time, I’m sorry, it’s over”. She expressed her gratitude and felt she had been given a gift for life before crowning her successor, Emmi Wendemuth, at the festive evening on Easter Saturday.

“We are the Wendemuths from the Rehgasse”, Emmi Wendemuth introduced her family, who had come to Franconia from Thuringia. The 18-year-old is in pedagogical training to become an educator. “Not only the Gardetanz in the Hopper Elfer are my passion, but also the care of our Bobberlies”, let the new wine princess know. It distinguishes itself besides since 2009 also as Buttenrednerin of the Hopper Elfer. With a tearful voice, Emmi Wendemuth paid tribute to her family for their support. The Franconian wine queen Carolin Meyer advised her: “Use the next two years for and enjoy the time”.

Emmi Wendemuth had chosen the GWF-Rotling from the Young Frank’n category as her coronation wine. Because this wine is young like me and comes from Franconia, said the wine sovereignty. It makes gladly advertisement for the wine of the region in the year of the 60-year existence of the Winzergemeinschaft Franconia (GWF). “You travel as a Franconian-Thuringian girl to Weimar for the Goethe wine festival opening and show them where the Barthel gets the cider”, gave Kitzingen’s Hofrat Walter Vierrether to the new majesty on the way with.

Rebecca Reidelbach went into raptures about her eventful two years with the crown on her head. Through many pictures on a screen, she let those present share in her experiences and revealed that the ladies of the court had celebrated a Christmas with the Nuremberg Chritskindl in small groups. Her most stressful appointment had been the Green Week in Berlin, while she had enjoyed a taster golf session in Kitzingen. She met most of the celebrities, such as Maria Hofl-Riesch, Franz Beckenbauer and Thomas Hitzelsberger, at the Bavarian Sports Award in Munich. “But it’s still best to stay in your own village,” said, said Rebecca Reidelbach. She thanked the winegrowers’ association and many supporters and especially her parents Ulrike and Peter Reidelbach.

Mainweisen festival community leader Axel Ehliger praised the outgoing sovereign with the words: “You were always nice and always smiling in over 700 days in office”. Mayor Horst Reuther reminded of the fact that it was allowed to open the first Hopper Main meadows. “There you see how the time flies, because your mama had been 30 years ago with her maiden name Ulrike Strabberger my Etwashauser gardener queen in Kitzingen”, remarked Walter Vierrether on Reidelbach’s farewell. Six former colleagues reviewed Rebecca’s time in office with an imaginary car ride, the marching band with an interlude, the male choral society livened up the festive event with several song presentations and in between the guards girls danced.

Wine-growing association chairwoman Cindy Reitmeier was pleased to be able to welcome not only many Albershofern in the fully occupied Gartenlandhalle but also many Hofstaats majesties. The chairwoman went into the eventful anniversary year of the gardeners’ association and described the motives why the former wine festival has been re-titled and restructured as Hopper Mainwiesen since 2018. She paid tribute to the chairman of the association, Philipp Wenkheimer, who had achieved great things in the restructuring process. Cindy Reitmeier presented the outgoing wine princess with the winegrowers’ association’s ring of honor.