Kulmbach: jazz in its purest form

It was a bit like the evening Moonlight Serenade, but not a copy – time-delayed and in a relaxed morning feeling. Yesterday, punctually at 10.59 o’clock to the carnival prelude, the Old Beertown Jazzband Kulmbach and the already for a long time well-known star guest Micha Winkler presented themselves with a lot of play passion and rich improvisation art at the first Jazz-Fruhschoppen in the brewery museum. This was jazz in its purest form, authentically and pore-deeply served by eight interpreter jewels.

Consistently high level

Consistently high level, solos per excellance, the desire always palpable, all jazz genres were explored, newly arranged or in the proven flowing. Instrumental perfection and vocal cabinet pieces made the two hours a pleasure, whether with swing, blues or hot jazz.

Who does not know them, the unforgotten titles like “On the sunny side”?, the “Tin Roof Blues” or “I can’t give you anything but love” – no problem for the band.

The head and leader Conny Fischer Andreassohn as a smart presenter and on the bass brilliant, Wolfgang Schrepfer (saxophone), Sepp Roth (clarinet), Wolfgang Diehm (guitar) and Pit Brendel (drums) are the foundation. And integrated meanwhile are Silke Krause (electric piano) from Dresden and Daniel Hoffmann (trumpet) from Weimar. They all harmonized as if from one cast, without losing the personal touch and charisma.

The jazz feeling ran like a red thread through the late morning, the 200 or so visitors, including numerous sponsors, often stood like a wall without being asked to applaud, and also gave intermittent applause en masse.

And the people at the front of the stage deserved it, so casual, refreshing and cool the rhythms came to the ear.

Silke Krause hammered melodically feather-light into the keys, a brightly shining sound, while Daniel Hoffmann exuded trumpet blasts in meandering density.

A Saxon with a sense of humor

And Micha, this Saxon with the enigmatic humor, who abruptly told his nicely garnished bizarre stories, is not only an entertaining entertainer, but also a great trombonist and jazz singer. These ell-long, later diagonally hatched tone sequences and varying chord changes distinguish it, with and without muffler.

Glances to the left and right, a brief nod, and the next part can begin.

“We understand each other blindly”, describes Conny Fischer Andreassohn – and the band again conveys its inimitable sound for southern atmosphere and jazz cellar flair . “With me you are beautiful”, “All of me” and “Icecream are fiercely applauded encores, once again the power and empathy of the thoroughbred musicians can be experienced. A groovy, immensely inspiring finale that makes the audience stand up again in unison. Honorary citizen Hans-Albert Ruckdeschel, a self-confessed fan of the band, was one of them.

Helga Metzel of the brewery museum was pleased with the successful premiere. “I was also asked if it could be done again.” In the planning for 2019 this is planned, she promised.

Moonlight again

The date for the next Moonlight Serenade, on the other hand, has already been set: Sunday, 30.June 2019, Monchshof grounds.