Stadtsteinacher was sollner’s “secretary of state

Stadtsteinacher was Sollner's 'secretary of state

A man who has played a key role in shaping Stadtsteinach’s fortunes in the recent past celebrated his 80th birthday on Monday. Birthday: Georg Hempfling.

“Bicycle Hempfling” or “the Staanicher

The man who still runs his bicycle workshop and who is known in Stadtsteinach as “Fahrrad-Hempfling” (Bicycle Hempfling) is a trained car mechanic is a trained master mechanic. At VW Dippold in Kulmbach, he ran the workshop for many years and was known as “der Staanicher”.

In his free time, Hempfling was involved in the Catholic Church, the Kolping family, the shooting club and the Frankenwaldverein. But above all, he was interested in local politics. 18 years he was a city councilor – from 1984 to 2002.

Not out of the picture

“That we stand today in such a way that we did not disappear from the scene after the area reform, is with your merit”, said Mayor Roland Wolfrum (SPD) at the celebration in the Frankenwald inn, Unterzaubach. That is why he, Wolfrum, will continue to fight for Stadtsteinach to become a middle center.

District Administrator Klaus Peter Sollner (Free Voters) emphasized that his political career is closely linked to the name Hempfling. “The Georg” Hempfling was instrumental in setting the course for Sollner to become mayor in 1990. At the end of the eighties until 1996, when he was elected district administrator, Hempfling was his closest advisor. “It was an unbelievably intensive time together, said Sollner. As mayor, he had worked closely and trustfully with the head of the FBL (Free Citizens’ List) faction. “You were my secretary of state.”

Politics in the bicycle workshop

According to the district administrator, many decisions in Stadtsteinach were discussed in advance in Hempfling’s bicycle workshop. There were regular meetings on Saturday afternoons. “There was ‘Today in the stadium’ on the radio, and politics was made on the side.”

Town hall, cycle path to Untersteinach or bypass road – many projects, according to Sollner, bear Hempfling’s signature. “George” He knew his way around everywhere and had networks even before the term existed.” Conclusion of the district administrator: “We have to owe you much.”

“There was a lot to do”

“There was a lot to do, and a lot was done”, Hempfling said modestly and was pleased to be able to celebrate his 80th birthday. Birthday so healthy and lively could experience. He thanked his doctors and his family “for keeping all the trouble away from me”.