Tsv meeder has to go into relegation

What a bitter defeat for TSV Meeder! A point was needed to avoid the relegation roulette against the relegation from the Bezirksliga West, but the eleven of player-coach Bastian Bauer could not score at home again. Despite a lead, the final score was 3:2 for the visitors from Oberhaid. Since the competition also played against Meeder, only the season extension remains – from the point of view of TSV Meeder completely unnecessary.

TSV Meeder – FC Oberhaid 2:3 (1:0)

Right in the first minute the goal cry was on the lips of the home fans, but the guest keeper could parry the shot of Krauber from close range. Meeder remained offensively minded and created good opportunities: In the 17. In the second minute the score was 1:0 through Mujanovic. Central from 20 meters hit the ball unstoppable into the left corner.

But the guests held against it and came also to some possibilities, which remained however unused. Nothing countable came until the break.

In the second 45 minutes it missed Meeder the preliminary decision to achieve, because chances to increase were enough available. A quarter of an hour before the end Oberhaid equalized through a dubious penalty kick. Biermann converts safely.

Only six minutes later the lead through Grundler. When then also the 1:3 in 87. When Seidelmann scored the first goal of the second minute, the game was decided in favor of the guests, because TSV’s second goal in injury time came too late.

TSV Meeder against FC Oberhaid 2:3 (1:0 ) TSV Meeder: Bauer – Pietsch (from 83. Gemeinder), Krumm, Gleissner (from 78. Wachter), Domann, Maisel, Wunsch, Krauber, Knoch, Mujanovic, Thiel. FC Oberhaid: Hofmann N. – Noth, Biermann, Seidelmann, Aumuller (from 65. Grundler), Dotterweich, Roppelt, Betz, Hofmann M., Schonert, Emig. SR: Bargel M. (Bad Staffelstein) Goals: 1:0 Mujanovic (17.), 1:1 Biermann (75.) , 1:2 Grundler (81.), 1:3 Seidelmann (87.), 2:3 Maisel (91.). / spectators: 80.

Entertaining summer kick in Frohnlach with eight goals At the end of the season, the 130 spectators in the Willi-Schillig-Stadion were treated to a varied game between two teams that played freely because of the settled table situation.

After the final whistle, the successful coaches, players and trainers of VfL Frohnlach followed the example of FC Bayern Munich and received the championship trophy from district game director Schwan.

VfL Frohnlach – TSV Monchroden 5:3 (3:1)

After the kick-off by District Administrator Sebastian Straubel developed an equal district derby. Schmidt set with the 0:1 after 14 minutes an exclamation mark in favor of TSV Monchroden. Frohnlach responded immediately and Autsch duped the visitors’ defense with a half-high chip ball into the penalty area. Tayfun ozdemir overcame goalkeeper Kohn with a well-timed header. Maximilian Weinreich left several opponents on the left side and his well-timed cross was converted by Hartmann to give Frohnlach the lead. A pass from ozdemir in the interface used Pflaum to 3:1 break score.

Monchroden showed in the first quarter of an hour after halftime why they were in the top flight and created some very good chances. Rahmani and Kohn missed the goal by only a few centimeters and Ehrlich found his master in goalkeeper Pfister.

The decision succeeded Lauerbach. At a free kick he showed technical perfection skills and circled it unstoppable for Kohn into the corner of the goal. Shortly after Hartmann even increased to 5:1. The never giving up Monchrodener shortened after two defensive errors still on 3:5. At the last goal, Simitici, one of many ex-Monchroden players in the VfL jersey, did not agree at all with the decision of referee Reich, who was refereeing his last game in the Bezirksliga, and loudly complained about an offside position. Therefore, he conceded in a pleasantly fair game the only yellow card.

The visible effort of the referee, to get along without a card, was thus made a line through the bill.

Quotes on the derby

Bastian Renk (VfL Frohnlach): “I have seen a very good game of my team. Annoying was that we have acted in the last ten minutes very carelessly.”

Thomas Huttl (TSV Monchroden): “My team is in the first half too timid appeared. For my young team the game was important for the learning process.”

VfL Frohnlach against TSV Monchroden 5:3 (3:1) VfL Frohnlach: Pfister – Rebhan (from 70. Simitici), Beetz, Lauerbach, Weinreich, Pflaum, ozdemir E. (from 58. Teuchert), Ouch (from 81. Graf) – Hartmann, ozdemir T., Oppel.

TSV Monchroden: Kohn J. – Puff, Schmidt, Muller (from 75. Engelhardt), Stammberger – Giller, Usbeck, Rahmani, Huttner- Ehrlich, Kohn L.

Goals: 0:1 Schmidt (14.); 1:1 ozdemir T. (16.); 2:1 Hartmann (26.); 3:1 Pflaum (43.); 4:1 Lauerbach (77.); 5:1 Hartmann (80.); 5:2 Kohn (85.); 5:3 Engelhardt (90.). Spectators: 130. SR: Reich (Ebern).