Kulmbach: jazz in its purest form

It was a bit like the evening Moonlight Serenade, but not a copy – time-delayed and in a relaxed morning feeling. Yesterday, punctually at 10.59 o’clock to the carnival prelude, the Old Beertown Jazzband Kulmbach and the already for a long time well-known star guest Micha Winkler presented themselves with a lot of play passion and rich improvisation art at the first Jazz-Fruhschoppen in the brewery museum. This was jazz in its purest form, authentically and pore-deeply served by eight interpreter jewels.

Consistently high level

Consistently high level, solos per excellance, the desire always palpable, all jazz genres were explored, newly arranged or in the proven flowing. Instrumental perfection and vocal cabinet pieces made the two hours a pleasure, whether with swing, blues or hot jazz.

Who does not know them, the unforgotten titles like “On the sunny side”?, the “Tin Roof Blues” or “I can’t give you anything but love” – no problem for the band.

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Csu reprimands the choice of deputies

The Ebelsbacher CSU is disappointed that it has not come in the election of the deputies of the mayor to the train. “Unfortunately here on the part of the SPD and BNL a chance was missed”, regrets the local federation in a press release of the party.


On Wednesday, 6. May, the Ebelsbacher local council had constituted itself. Martin Horn (SPD) was sworn in as the new mayor and successor to Walter Ziegler (Burgernahe Liste, BNL). Andreas Hoch (BNL) was appointed as Second Mayor and Norbert Wippich (SPD) as Third Mayor by the new municipal council.

The CSU would have liked to push through its own candidates, but failed. Martin Wasser had proposed the CSU faction leader Roland Metzner as candidate for the office of the second mayor in the meeting. Metzner has in the runoff election for the mayoralty on 29. March 44.86 percent of the votes cast and was defeated Horn thus “only narrowly. Clearly over 1000 citizens have spoken out for him as mayor. In addition, the CSU in Ebelsbach with 35.35 percent also again achieved the best election result. As Mr. Wasser pointed out in the meeting: “An election of Roland Metzner as second mayor would have corresponded to the will of the voters of Ebelsbach”, means the CSU in its message further.

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Civil war scenes in syria’s capital damascus

Civil war scenes in Syria's capital Damascus

While the opposition stormed President Bashar al-Assad’s power center, violence drove more and more civilians to flee. UN special envoy Kofi Annan bit on granite in Moscow: He could not persuade Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin to agree to joint sanctions in the Security Council.

“We are now at a crossroads, a crossroads,” Annan said after the talks. He called the situation in Syria unacceptable. UN says number of refugees in neighboring countries reached a new high. In Turkey alone, 1,200 Syrians arrived within 24 hours, according to Turkish media.

Fronts have hardened in the Security Council. Shortly before the key decision on extending the UN observer mission, Putin did assure Annan: “We will do everything we can to help you.” According to a newspaper report, however, he had earlier sworn in the country’s diplomats to “take a hard line”.

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The city councils say almost unanimously yes to the budget

The city councils say almost unanimously yes to the budget

It is just two years until the next local elections, and yet the budget discussion on Thursday evening in the City Council was peaceful and manageable with a good two and a half hours. A clear sign that there is nothing to doubt about the city’s figures, that the city continues to do well. Thus, the budget was also approved almost unanimously (26 yes, two no). Only the medium-term financial plan received somewhat more headwind (twelve rejections).

38 million euros in investments are planned in 2018, plus budgetary residuals in the same amount. On the “savings book there are 70 million euros in reserves, more than ever before, while the city has virtually no debts. Thanks to the good economic situation of its companies, Herzogenaurach is in a position to shoulder all the planned projects, including the major projects worth millions, as the mayor had already made clear in the run-up to the meeting (the FT presented the most important and projects in detail).

The fact that there were nevertheless dissenting votes was due to extra requests that were not taken into account. The CSU had once again brought up a long-running issue: the further expansion of the northern bypass and, in connection with it, a pedestrian tunnel. With this, however, the group bit on granite and rejected the medium-term financial plan, together with the two Free Voters.

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Bavaria’s parliamentary president wants speed in relatives affair

The rules for secondary employment and for the employment of family members are to be changed before the summer break. The SPD, for its part, wants to further increase the pressure on the Christian Socialists.

After CSU parliamentary group leader Georg Schmid had resigned on Monday evening Georg Winter, head of the budget committee. Both had employed relatives not only, but in addition also idiosyncratic legal constructions selected. SPD top candidate Christian Ude called on Schmid and Winter to relinquish their state parliament seats as well, following their leadership functions. Schmid rejected that, winter did not express itself so far in addition.

Stamm recommended that the transparency rules for supplementary income of Bavarian parliamentarians be “revised during this legislative period,” following the example of the Bundestag, as she told the dpa news agency. Actually, the CSU parliamentary group had postponed the new regulations on ancillary income until after the state elections.

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Amazon turtle population recovers

Amazon turtle population recovers

More South American arraine turtles are again frolicking on the banks of the Jurua River in the Brazilian Amazon. He said that the population is on the best way to recover completely.

So says a study by researchers at the UK’s University of East Anglia. Today, nine times as many turtles breed in the region as in the late 1970s. This, he said, had increased the number of turtles hatching each year by 70.000 copies increased.

It was crucial to involve local villagers as gamekeepers in protecting the animals, the scientists write in the journal Nature Sustainability. On the protected riverbanks, only two percent of the more than 2,000 nesting sites have been plundered by poachers. On the non-protected beaches, on the other hand, they would have cleaned out almost all the nests. Other animals in the region also benefit from the protected areas. The Array Turtle (Podocnemis expansa) grows to a length of 75 or even 90 centimeters, depending on the information provided, and is considered a giant among freshwater turtles.

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Surprise in ludwigsstadt has succeeded

Surprise in Ludwigsstadt has succeeded

While Pauline and Lorena conjure up colorful animal worlds on paper from great animal stamps, Simeon is happy about his cool paint spinner picture. Elias, meanwhile, builds a mysterious kaleidoscope with his mom, while other children prefer to gaze pensively at the sky through a large telescope. Beautiful bracelets are created at the bead station. And then there are the little sweet tooth kittens, who “of course” help to cut out the cookies had to taste the dough first.

“I would not have thought that so many would come”, the leader of the “Surprise Church” was happy, Kristina Fritsche, about the great response not only from Ludwigsstadt families, but also from neighboring communities. The team of about ten had taken a lot of trouble to offer their big and small guests in the evangelic community center St. Michael Schafstall to prepare a varied Sunday morning. In 2019, a “surprise church” had already been held This concept of a playful, active and informal approach to the Christian faith will be held regularly from now on.

“We want to reach out to young families – children and their parents, grandparents, godparents, whomever.”, she emphasized that everyone is welcome, even families who may have less contact with the church. Her husband, the youth advisor of the Rennsteig region, Sascha Fritsche, joins in. In contrast to other concepts, the main focus here is on involving parents or other caregivers.

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New government in rome: pro-european to become eu commissioner

New government in Rome: pro-European to become EU commissioner

Shortly after being sworn in, the new Italian government sends more conciliatory signals toward the European Union. Ex-prime minister Paolo Gentiloni was nominated as the country’s EU commissioner.

The Social Democrat is considered to be decidedly pro-European. The coalition of populist Five Star Movement and Social Democrats (PD) led by head of government Giuseppe Conte, forged in weeks of painstaking negotiations, was sworn in Thursday in Rome.

“I will try with all my strength and my work to contribute to a new positive chapter for Italy and for Europe,” Gentiloni said. The 64-year-old led the country as prime minister from late 2016 to 2018 and was foreign minister from 2014 to 2016.

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