Tc hochstadt and the missed chances

TC Hochstadt and the missed chances

It was the great chance to further improve the points account and to pass the red lantern in the district class. But the volleyball players from Hochstadt lost against the second last from Nuremberg with 2:3 and also in the second match against FSV Erlangen-Bruck nothing was to be gained.

Women, district class north

TC Hochstadt – Post SV Nuremberg II 2:3 With a clear victory, the Hochststadt girls could have moved up in the table. However, they started the first set inhibited and were quickly behind 7:19, which is why coach Michael Marik took his last time-out. Obviously he found the right words, because after that the TC ladies went better. In the end, however, the mortgage proved to be too big and they had to give up the set with 20:25.

In the second set, the right of serve changed back and forth until, at 5:5, Sandra Eigenfeld put the Post ladies under so much pressure with her jumping serves that they were unable to make a good attack, which led to a five-point cushion. Based on a good reception, the attacking actions were better now and the blocking was more effective, too. Hochstadt succeeded in exploiting its potential, and the logical consequence was the smooth set win with 25:17.

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Municipality pommersfelden gives new citizens a warm welcome

Municipality Pommersfelden gives new citizens a warm welcome

“We have landed on a paradisiacal spot!” Saint Peter, alias pastor Angelika Neubauer, and his two heavenly messengers were delighted. “Landed” were the sky messengers in “Steppach North. In the local new building area they met many “friendly people”, who had to be welcomed. “All around practical and yet close to the cities of Bamberg, Erlangen and Nuremberg”, swarmed the heaven-sent. Simply “a piece of Franconian heaven. Here, at the highest point of Steppach, a welcome afternoon was held for the first time in the municipality of Pommersfelden for new citizens.

What got around to the saint with the celestial key has probably also persuaded new citizens to become residents of the municipality of Pommersfelden. It was already the second attempt for the welcoming, because with the first Petrus had poured from the sky as much as he could only.

Defining the concept of home

For it it became for “the new ones now all the more warmly: Mayor Hans Beck and the Christ Child Marie Zeiler welcomed the citizens to their home community. The trombone choir under the direction of Werner Hofmann welcomed the new Steppachers musically.

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Bullets fly, targets fall

Bullets fly, targets fall

Shotgun shooters are a special species within the shooting sports. If you spot a person at the Kunigundenruh shooting sports center with an oversized gun case in one hand and an extra ammunition container in the other, it’s usually a shotgun shooter like this one.

What makes shotgun shooting different from the other categories?? A shotgun is a long gun with a smooth bore designed for firing buckshot at a short range of ten to 40 yards. The shotgun is therefore predestined for fast shooting at static or moving targets, it is aimed intuitively, similar to archery.

Michael Schoger is one of the shotgun sportsmen from SG 1306 Bamberg. Wearing a padded shooting vest, extra-flat ear protection and tinted goggles, he heads for the 15-meter trap range, the first port of call for shotgun shooters.

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Once again in the top four

Once again in the top four

With their 55:42 victory in the quarterfinals of the Bavarian Cup in Marktheidenfeld, the BG Litzendorf basketball players have once again secured their participation in the Top Four tournament in April.

After some scheduling difficulties due to an overlap with the originally planned regional league match against Bad Aibling, the BGL ladies only found out at short notice who they would have to play: after the regional league match was postponed, they went to Marktheidenfeld for the cup quarterfinals. BGL had been able to beat Unterfrankinnen twice in the regional league, but only after extra time in the home game two weeks earlier.

False start

Accordingly concentrated the Litzendorferinnen wanted the mission “Top Four tournament” but first got off to a false start. Little was achieved offensively, and there was also a lack of intensity on the defensive. Only the switch to zone defense brought the necessary defensive stability. So the deficit at halftime was only four points (23:27).

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Last year’s winner djokovic back in us open semifinals

Last year's winner Djokovic back in US Open semifinals

“I love Night Sessions. Thanks to all of you for holding out for so long,” Djokovic said 40 minutes before midnight (local time) after the match, which was high class at times. “I am very happy to be here again in the semifinals.”

The 25-year-old will face David Ferrer in the battle to reach the final at the Grand Slam tournament in New York on Saturday. The Spaniard had won against the Serb Janko Tipsarevic in a five-set thriller over 4:31 hours with 6:3, 6:7 (5:7), 2:6, 6:3, 7:6 (7:4). “This will be another great match. He’s one of the most consistent players on the tour,” Djokovic said.

The second semi-final will be contested by Federer’s defeater Tomas Berdych from the Czech Republic and the British Olympic tennis champion Andy Murray. In the women’s competition, world number one Victoria Azarenka from Belarus and Russian French Open winner Maria Sharapova face each other in the first semifinal. In the second semifinal, the American Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber conqueror Sara Errani from Italy will play against each other.

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Finally losing weight? Fit into the new year 2018

Christmas is over and the turn of the year is coming: “2018 I stick to it” or “this will be my year!” many people say to themselves in front of the mirror. New Year’s Eve knocks at the door and with it the classical resolutions: healthier nutrition and altogether more sport.
Adequate means to get rid of the kilos of the holidays respectively to leave behind the calorie-rich year 2017.

But how to reach this goal?

To lose weight effectively, we should integrate strength training into our daily exercise routine in addition to endurance training. “With the help of this unbeatable double pack, you will sustainably increase your basal metabolic rate, both in activity and in rest phases on the couch”, says Prof. Dr. Ingo Frobose, director of the center for health by sport and movement of the German sport university Cologne.

Nevertheless, sport alone is not enough to start the new year slim. Because if more is eaten in addition to the sport, it can come nevertheless to annoying pounds. Decisive for weight loss is the energy balance. Calorie intake should be in relation to calories consumed. It is to be paid attention to a balanced and healthy nutrition.

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A unique experience in grundfeld – but without spectators

Organizer of the 1. Obermain Open in soccer golf was the German Football Golf Association (DFGV), the organizer of the club “Fubballgolf Obermain”. 42 participants from 20 teams competed in four categories. The three-day Bavaria tournament had started on Friday in Augsburg, continued on Saturday in Munich and ended on Sunday in Grundfeld. The ladies and men played two rounds each, the doubles played one round. And for the three young people present there was also a small tournament.

Soccer golf is a relatively new sport for everyone from the age of four to old age. Footballers and soccer players are not necessarily at an advantage here.

Uneven location special attraction

The 18-hole course, which is just under three years old and has a total course length of about 1350 meters, is located at the foot of the Vierzehnheiligener Berg mountain. It is one of only 14 certified facilities in all of Germany and the only facility in northern Bavaria and Thuringia. The uneven terrain is both the special attraction and the difficulty here.

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If it were not for ronaldo – “new masterpiece” for juventus

If it were not for Ronaldo - 'New masterpiece' for Juventus

Now he has become “CR125” – Cristiano Ronaldo once again proved how accurate he is. Just in time, the Portuguese had recovered from his thigh injury to save Juventus Turin from failure in the Champions League.

Ronaldo secured a 1-1 (1-0) draw in Italy’s record-breaking quarterfinal first leg at Ajax Amsterdam – and a good chance of advancing to the semifinals. For Ronaldo, whom they call “CR7,” it was the 125th game in a row. Hit in the royal class and the 78. Goal contribution in 78. K.o.-Game of the European elite league. The “Gazzetta dello Sport” praised: “A new masterpiece by Ronaldo.”

“Happy to be back and to have scored another goal in this wonderful tournament,” the 34-year-old superstar tweeted after the match. The Portuguese had suffered a thigh muscle injury in the European Championship qualifier against Ukraine at the end of March. Since then Juventus had to fear for the use of his goal ace.

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Europe’s golf heroes dethrone defending champion usa

Europe's golf heroes dethrone defending champion USA

Francesco Molinari sprinted on the tee of the 16. The winner of the Ryder Cup, Molinari, walked down the fairway of Le Golf National into the arms of the European fans and enjoyed a beer shower. Earlier, his U.S. opponent Phil Mickelson had hit the ball into the water on the par 3 – victory for Team Europe at the 42. Ryder Cup.

Amid thunderous screams from thousands of frenetic supporters, Italy’s Molinari clinched the decisive point in the European team’s triumph near Paris. Molinari’s victory over Mickelson gave the challengers an unassailable lead in the continental comparison and in the end they regained the golden trophy from defending champion USA with 17.5:10.5 points.

The 60.000 fans at the gigantic golf course in the southwest of Paris went completely crazy after the success. “Europe, Europe” and “Allez les Bleus”, chanted the crowd again and again and celebrated in bright sunshine exuberantly the triumph of the challengers against the favored US stars around a tired and frustrated Tiger Woods. After this defeat, the Americans have now waited 25 years for a success on European soil in the most important team competition in golf.

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Polar bears are dangerous

Only a good 42 hours and an exhausting journey lie between the final siren in Madrid and the jump ball in the 8,000-seat oVP Arena in Bremen on Sunday at 5 p.m. for the Brose basketball team from Bamberg.30 p.m. And the relegation-threatened Eisbaren Bremerhaven want to make the most of this advantage. But the table eighth from Bamberg has in the play-off race nothing to give away.

Defeat in basement duel in Erfurt

After the 90-98 defeat on Easter Sunday in the basement duel in Erfurt, the alarm bells are ringing again for the team of long-time Brose assistant coach Arne Woltmann, although the lead over Ivan Pavic’s team is still four points – however, due to the eight-point defeat, the direct comparison also went to the team from Thuringia, which is peppered with numerous ex-Bambergers.
Already with the close 74:79 defeat in the middle of December in Bamberg the north Germans underlined that they are by no means cannon fodder. Sharpshooters Jordan Hulls, Tre Bussey and Johnny Berhanemeskel had a brilliant day at the Brose Arena: the Polar Bears sank eleven threes on 18 attempts (61 percent scoring rate) in the Bamberg basket and led 61:52 after 26 minutes. In the final period, the home team was much more aggressive, allowing the guests only eleven points and winning the exciting game.
“From Friday night onwards, our attention will be focused solely on the Bundesliga. We have to show right away in Bremerhaven that the victory against Ludwigsburg was not a flash in the pan, but that we can also hold our own away from home”, emphasizes Bamberg’s power forward Augustine Rubit, who is still annoyed by the surprising 98-105 defeat in Gottingen two weeks ago. The recipe for success of the 28-year-old, who became a father a week and a half ago, is: “We have to focus on defense and rebound well, then the offensive actions will come by themselves.”
“The Bamberg quality is beyond question. They are all internationally experienced top players, who are very effective, especially in the offense. Nevertheless, we believe in our chance and want to play better than last time in Erfurt. The large backdrop and the great atmosphere in the oVB Arena will hopefully inspire us”, says Polar Bears coach Arne Woltmann. On Friday, 7000 tickets for the third “Hanse-Game” had already been sold the Bremerhavener in Bremen sells.

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