Germany’s exporters do better business

Germany's exporters do better business

Although Germany’s exporters did somewhat better business again in March after a damper in February. Exports increased by 0.5 percent compared to the previous month, according to the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden on Friday. In the first quarter as a whole, however, German exports were down 1.5 percent year-on-year at 271.8 billion euros.

The monthly comparison with the previous year was also negative: Merchandise exports totaling 94.6 billion euros fell 4.2 percent short of the previous year’s volume. The drop in the euro zone was particularly large at 7.0 percent.

“The outfielders make a hook at the first quarter and look ahead. Despite the poor result, we don’t see a trend change to the negative,” said Anton F. Borner, President of the German Foreign Trade Association (BGA).

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Catastrophic year for the municipal forest of scheblitz

Catastrophic year for the municipal forest of Scheblitz

In the last city council meeting of this year, the councillors dealt with the forest as a matter of rotation. The town still owns around 355 hectares of forest. In 2002, it was still just under 390 hectares. These areas are used commercially, but financial gain is not the primary concern.

The preservation of nature has priority over everything else, as First Mayor Roland Kauper always emphasized: “Forest is nature. It is visited, walked on.” It is visited and walked by the citizens of Scheblitz and their guests, who seek recreation in it. Accordingly, a “sustainable management of the town forest is in the foreground.” D.h. a well-tended forest that also bears fruit. This includes paying special attention to the safety of the paths and removing damaged wood.

This year, however, there were more than enough of them, as Matthias Ott from the Bamberg Office of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (AELF) regretfully informed as the commissioned forester. The reason for this was the extreme drought of the year, which began in the spring and lasted until recently. Here “the sins of past decades” took revenge, as he said, by planting certain timber species in unsuitable places. In the future, Scheblitz wants to counteract this by not reforesting with the latest “fashionable” species of the Mediterranean region is set, in order to meet the climatic change. In the municipal forest of Scheblitz, native species that are known to be accustomed to warmer and longer dry phases are to be used more frequently. These include u.a. the wild service tree, the European service tree and the wild cherry, also called bird cherry.

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Hoffenheim coach babbel under pressure against bayer

Hoffenheim coach Babbel under pressure against Bayer

A defeat would further weaken the position of the soccer teacher, even if TSG manager Andreas Muller stressed: “We do not make any quick fixes after any games after all.”He wants to hold on to Babbel even if the team slips further.

But Babbel knows that the air gets thinner with every negative experience. Since taking office on 10. February scored only 29 points in 26 games. The 50-year-old has the worst winning percentage of all Hoffenheim Bundesliga coaches at 28 percent and had proclaimed participation in the Europa League as a season goal in the summer. Last defeat was 1:3 against VfL Wolfsburg.

Despite the sporting misery, the 1996 European champion remains calm: “There is no ultimatum, and I have to justify something where there is nothing to justify. I am an optimistic person and see the glass half full.”

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Coburg: by star whale into the art sky

Coburg: By star whale into the art sky

Just do not try to recognize any trend. Except perhaps that this amazing art fair should be preserved in the Upper Franconian art outback. In the third edition, the “Umschlagplatz Coburg” was as colorful colorful as it was from the beginning and as an informal sales fair should be. Because the goal of the unconventional organizer Heiko Bayerlieb is to bring art among the people simply and unabashedly in zeal for the artists. “Buys art he finally has in the subtitle.
And of the art from the here and now there were large and small in the atmospheric old package halls at the freight station, whether we address the format or the content. Who will always look for great art. Can it perhaps also be pure delight at something cheekily poppy, at ironic ideas, at Frank Hummel’s quickly chased sayings: “Actually, one should never underdo it?.” Exactly.
But in fact, the number of undoubtedly high-caliber artists seems to have increased significantly, if not the “global player”, then after all the “national player with headquarters in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Munich. In any case, the effect of suddenly standing in a bunk with open mouth or bated breath was surprisingly frequent.
Already when walking along the long ramp, so fantastically airy and at the same time attractively framed by the designers of the university, one came across the small figures of Amrot Ralf Klein from Berlin in the outdoor area, used for the first time, today’s figures, women, men, kneeling, and at the same time, as if looking back at people/gods living and worshipped thousands of years ago.

Perforated city monkeys

Right next to it, Horst Wendland’s (Frickenhausen) metal Don Quixote rides against the summer evening. To him, as well as to the large “city monkey” standing in the middle of the way or the fairy tale figures, the wind blows through the bodies. For they are frayed, perforated. Amazing.
Immediately after that inside then, the terribly crazy apartment views of Michael Rohde (Berlin), it makes you sick. How good that next to it this young Seitfudem from Bad Kohlgrub (not the angel-preserving restorer and woodcarver, his son obviously also attracted by hyperspace) gives a reassuring view into space.
Carried by a whale, a tiny man passes by glittering star points in the infinite blackness. Beautiful. By the way, Seitfudem also has a skull on offer, carved from a millennia-old moor oak. A little bit of creepiness is allowed.
Michael Karg from Furth also brings this a bit with his fantastically fiery, flowery, branching frayed portraits. Paints the former diagram boss of the group of media Upper Franconia now so? In fact, these are enigmatic and disturbing photographs, “painted on” with computer programs become. Art in the digital age.

Wonderful atmosphere

Where to start, where to stop? Only a few of the Coburg artists came, Vera Schnitzer and Wolfgang Schott, but many from the wider region, from Nuremberg and Furth to the Bamberg region and far into Thuringia.
More than 60 artists were to be discovered in this light, relaxed ambience. On Saturday evening a wonderful black jazz voice, Tony Bullock, painted melodies and tones freely and tenderly to light guitar playing: What a wonderful world. Which is why numerous exhibitors also expressed their enthusiasm and organizer Heiko Bayerlieb wants to continue next year, even if visitor numbers didn’t seem quite as abundant as last year.

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