Old farm becomes place of pleasure

Old farm becomes place of pleasure

A place for experimenting, talking and enjoying the “Heinersreuther Hof will be. On the restored farm, which is owned by the Adalbert Raps Foundation, food has always had a special meaning. And in the future the owner has still much more planned (we reported already in detail). Now the foundation had invited interested people from the community of Kodnitz to inform them about the project.

The introduction took over Frank Kuehne as executive committee of the Raps donation, architect Veit Hube and Eventmanagerin Isabell Boehm. The latter spoke of the vision of a location with plenty of free space for food production, a place of culinary inspiration, exchange and enjoyment.

In the middle of the year it goes off

The target group includes chefs, restaurateurs, companies and start-ups, as well as educational institutions. “With the planned renovation starting in the middle of this year, a kind of food lab will emerge”, said Kuhne. This also included an experimental kitchen, a multifunctional barn, two seminar rooms and a “co-working space”. Although the “Heinersreuther Hof” will be The board of directors promised that the Fischkal would not be available for rent to end consumers, but would open its doors to the region’s gourmets as part of regularly planned events.

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Saale-zeitung bad kissingen: farewell to the “soul of the publishing house

Saale-Zeitung Bad Kissingen: Farewell to the 'soul of the publishing house

Actually, Roswitha Kaufmann should have received her “pension at 63” two and a half years ago can make use of: She has long since completed her 45 years of professional. But: “I just wanted to get involved, I always enjoyed the contact with people, especially with young trainees, says the 65-year-old. At the end of October, the time has come for the Ramsthaler to retire on 10 October. October is her last working day at the office of the Saale-Zeitung in Theresienstrasse Bad Kissingen. “Ms. Kaufmann was the soul of the publishing house, a calming influence in times of change, and a reliable person who always had an open ear for all her colleagues, Managing director Alexander Subat appreciates Kaufmann’s work.

In 1977, she started working at the publishing house T.A. Schachenmayer to. At that time, the company had 220 employees, the newspaper was still printed in Theresienstrasse, and next to the large press were printing presses for posters, death pictures and books. “I didn’t want to stay for more than half a year, but then my ambition got the better of me”, Roswitha Kaufmann recalls with a laugh. In the end, it’s been a good 41 years.

Roswitha Kaufmann, born Hausler, is actually from Hersbruck, went to school in Lichtenfels and only came to Ramsthal as a teenager. At the “Hegler” company in Oerlenbach she began her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk in 1967. In 1969, she married her husband Gunther, and in 1970 daughter Birgit was born, but she continued to work. It wasn’t until her son Steffen was born in 1975 that she took two years off to raise his son. After that, she moved on to the publishing personality Kuno Schachenmayer, who later liked to tease fellow entrepreneur Wilhelm Hegler that he had snatched Frau Kaufmann away from him.

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Holds in esting the vg series?

Second match day, second away trip to the Munich area – this is the Sunday schedule of the VG volleyball players. While the rest of the Regionalliga Sudost is match-free, the Bamberg women take on the Esting Elephants.

Both teams know each other well and already played against each other in the last two seasons. Four times it was “Ballarinas against Elephants” – four times the Bamberg women left the field as winners in the end. The matches were always very close, three times even the tie-break had to decide about victory and defeat. Joyful memory have the volley.ballarinas especially remember the last guest game in the multi-purpose hall in Esting: After a turbulent season, the Upper Franconians managed to celebrate direct class preservation with a 3:2 victory on the penultimate match day. Similar to the last years, we can expect a tight and competitive game on Sunday. The Elephants have lost two key players, Julia Horst and Diana Ittlinger, but at the same time welcome three newcomers to their ranks. In addition, the Estinger women made the better start to the season last weekend with their 3:2 win against the promoted team from Katzwang, while the VG had to admit defeat at the promoted team from Unterhaching with 2:3.

During the week, the VG ladies worked with concentration and motivation and continued to improve, especially in the elements that did not work so well in the last game. So they will be well prepared in Esting, where in the second away game the first success of the season should be celebrated.

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Nle wants hardship case regulation clarified

NLE wants hardship case regulation clarified

Street extension fee notice and no end in sight. Even after the abolition of this regulation was again discussed in the city council Ebermannstadt called it. Mayor Christiane Meyer emphasized that the obligation to pay for the citizens of Ebermannstadt, Wolkenstein and Wohlmuthshull still exists. The so-called “deadline regulation Has led to the fact that only those citizens will be asked to pay, who have been given up to 31. December last year was served with a fee notice.
Mayor Meyer acknowledged that the rule would be difficult for citizens to understand. Erwin Horn, head of the NLE parliamentary group, agreed with this. The hardship provision, Horn said, should be further specified on the part of the state government. “In order to give the municipalities legal certainty in the application of the hardship regulation envisaged, the state government should define in more detail which circumstances fall under such a regulation”, Horn formulated. The special situation of Ebermannstadt is to be subjected to an individual examination, she said.
For Deputy Mayor Sebastian Goetz, who took the floor for MOG, CSU and Young Citizens, this motion was “in the right direction”. However, it would have to be clarified beforehand whether the hardship regulation in the case of Ebermannstadt would only apply to certain measures or whether all measures would be affected. It must be clarified whether the retroactivity was legally compelling, demanded Goetz. Based on the statement of the Upper Franconian Government President Heidrun Piwernetz that the Government of Upper Franconia had at no time demanded a retroactive effect of the road development contribution statute, there is some evidence to suggest that the retroactive effect was not absolutely necessary. The appropriate legal statements would have to be made up for.
Mayor Christiane Meyer, on the other hand, was of the opinion: “Some things were not understood!” In the opinion of the district office, the decision-making scope of the city councils in the matter of the retroactive effect of the road extension contribution statute had been reduced to zero. “The district office is the authority that controls us.” There had been no reason to doubt the legal opinion of this authority. Even the former district president Benning had confirmed to her that the retroactive introduction of the statute “seemed necessary and required” appeared.
Rather dispassionately showed up thereby city councillor Ludwig Brutting (FW). “If it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt” he found and pleaded for exhorting the state government to announce as soon as possible the conditions of the hardship regulation. Then the municipality could continue to work again.
Rainer Schmeuber (CSU) clarified: The key date regulation had led to injustices. If it could be proven that the former district president had demanded the retroactive introduction of the statute, the government would now also be obliged to do so. Schmeuber argued: “If a fault of the superior authorities is provable, we can make them now also liable.” After all, Ebermannstadt is the only municipality in Bavaria that has not only decided on the retroactive effect, but has also implemented it. His proposal: The application of the NLE should be postponed until the “evidence” had been clarified. Then it could be discussed again.
Mayor Meyer tried once again to explain that there had been no alternative to the retroactive introduction of the road extension contribution statute. In addition it quoted a letter of district administrator Hermann Ulm (CSU) in which he stressed that the legally possible execution of the retroactive effect had been necessary. The employees of the district office had advised the municipality. “We firmly reject the allegation, which has been mentioned again and again in public, that we have acted here with threats of punishment”, wrote the district administrator. The City Council rejected the motion of the new list with the votes of CSU, MGO and Young Citizens. Richard Wiegartner (CSU) voted with NLE, Freie Wahler and SPD for the motion.

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Baskets and cheese spaetzle

Baskets and cheese spaetzle

Although Kameron Taylor has already spent two years in Germany as a professional basketball player, his knowledge of German is not very good. But one word comes over his lips almost without an accent. “Cheese noodles answers the US American when asked what he missed most in Hungary.

The Swabian delicacy that the 24-year-old enjoys so much, however, is not the reason why he returned to Germany after just one year with first division club PVSK Panthers Pecs. “The competition in the Bundesliga is much tougher than in Hungary. There are other caliber players here. Many transfer from Germany to a Euroleague club”, Taylor explains. Bamberg should become a springboard for the US-American. He has signed with Brose for two years, during which time the versatile combo guard wants to make a name for himself. His goal is, as for so many professionals, the NBA: “When it calls me, I will be ready”, says Taylor.

Professional debut in the ProB

In 2016, when the US boy from near Baltimore finished his college days at Seton Hill University in the state of Pennsylvania, the NBA didn’t call: he was left out of the NBA draft. Taylor did not make his professional debut in the world’s strongest league, but in Germany’s third-highest division. At Team Urspring/Ehingen near Ulm, where Kasespatzle became one of his favorite dishes, he quickly advanced to one of the best players in ProB in the 2016/17 season with an average of 23.4 points. He has been named “Player of the Month” four times voted. Consequently, Taylor played for the Dragons Rhondorf in the ProA one year later. Taylor did not finish the season with the Rhinelanders, however, but moved in March 2018 to s.Oliver Wurzburg.

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Search for newt and frog

Many young explorers are particularly interested in the renaturalized “Horlacher See” This is a project of the Einhard elementary school, which has thus become an “environmental school” Promotes. But also for the market town itself the renaturation of the lake is a matter of the heart.
For a long time the lake lay silted up in the “Sommerberg” forest area. For years there has been an extremely good neighborly relationship with the Schweinfurt Hospital Foundation, which is also the owner of the forest on the Sommerberg. To underline this good relationship was, on the occasion of the anniversary “1300 years Euerdorf”, from the neighbors a “Kaiserlinde planted as a gift. The silted lake area and the planting site are immediately adjacent to each other.
It was quickly agreed that this would be a project for nature and citizens – a point of attraction for young and old alike. The costs to be estimated remained according to mayor Patricia Schiesser “manageable”. The remaining costs were shared by the Schweinfurt Foundation and the market town of Euerdorf. Lake Horlach is one with history. Already in the 18. In the 19th century, the ice for the beer cellars of local breweries was supplied from here in winter.
Several steps were necessary before the lake could be called a lake again. In January, the area was cleared with a harvester. The proceeds of the felled trees were immediately used for the lake complex. After that, the ground was compacted, the inlet of a spring as well as a stream were relocated so that they feed the lake. Elevations on the terrain in the lake were created by heaps of earth and are to serve as islands. Already at the beginning of April there was water in the new lake and also animals and plants had settled in and around the lake.

Research days at the lake

The individual steps were accompanied by the project group of the Einhard elementary school. Already in November, before the work started, the first inspection was carried out. The students were also on site for the clearing of the lake area and had the lake facility explained to them by district manager Wolfgang Kuhlmann as well as Peter Piel from the lower nature conservation authority Bad Kissingen. At the beginning of April, the first research day was held. “Here we searched the lake and its surroundings for plants and animals that had settled with the creation of the lake.”, explains ten-year-old Magdalena. Furthermore the water quality of the lake was examined. The quality was considered “normal classified.
The second researcher’s day took place recently. With Peter Piel and Wolfgang Kuhlmann the changes in the colonization by animals and plants were surveyed and documented. “We found numerous species of animals: Grass frogs, pond newts – juveniles with gills, the damselfly, the small mosaic damselfly and backswimmers.”, counted Simon on.
“Water is life”, says district manager Wolfgang Kuhlmann. “It is fun to explore the lake with the students.” It is particularly nice that the municipality supports here, for example, with a driving service and also the fact that the care by the Einhard elementary school students does not remain unique, but also takes place in the future.
“This is an exciting, unique project that the children can identify with”, teacher Andrea Schafer, who will also be on site with students in the future, notes. “We have taken over a sponsorship for the lake and will always investigate how the life on and in the lake develops, whether there are new settlements and will document this. I am also sure that one or the other student visits the lake even after his time at Einhard Primary School to observe its progress.” The project not only encourages young researchers to get involved with things outside the classroom, but also creates a valuable bond with the homeland.

Lake Horlach
Numbers The Horlacher See has several inlets and is at the lowest point ca. 30 cm, at the deepest up to 1.80 meters deep. Size: Ca. 0.5 hectares

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Mgf students build their own “house of culture

MGF students build their own 'House of Culture

Fabio Huhnlein and Johannes Manz are in the middle of their final exams. So far it has gone quite well, the two students of the Markgraf-Georg-Friedrich-Gymnasium agree. Actually, both have not a single minute. Nevertheless, they have achieved something “big” in the P-Seminar Art prepared. The inauguration of the MGF cultural workshop is scheduled for this week.

The fact that the MGF now has its own cultural workshop, including a building, is due solely to the commitment of the students. “Originally, parking spaces were to be built on the site”, says principal Horst Pfadenhauer. “But the old cottage was much too good for us to simply tear it down”, he thought to himself. At first it was just an idea. And the idea had pitfalls. Because the roof of the former nursery house had already collapsed. The windows were blind or broken. And a solid floor there was also not in the cottage. “We had to dig up the ground. For the earth was moldy”, explained Fabio Huhnlein. A total of 14 students of the P-Seminar Art invested a lot of time and commitment. “We had no money. But we got a lot of support from companies and sponsors”, says Manz.

Fabio Huhnlein and Johannes Manz were so enthusiastic about the project that each of them worked more than 300 hours in the old cottage. “We were also there during the vacations. But without the equipment of the sponsors, without tractors and other equipment we could not have done it”, says Johannes Manz. Voj Woda was the architect who helped them in word and deed.

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Another bright spot falls flat

Another bright spot falls flat

In addition to the Kirchweih and the Old Town Festival, the annual Schutzenfest of the Schutzengesellschaft e.V. 1905 Burgkunstadt to the very special social events in the shoe city. But now also here the message of the executive committee: There will be no Schutzenfest in Burgkunstadt in 2020.

All preparations for the festival had already been completed. And in the general meeting of the past year the course for the new association year had been set: The shooting match would even have celebrated a small anniversary this year: Because as is known in the year 1905, thus before 115 years, the establishment of the association took place. But all festivities have now been canceled because of the Corona pandemic.

Many tasks to be accomplished

And also the shooting sport itself has been facing great challenges for years: The members had to cope with many tasks in recent years to keep the shooting sport alive. But whether in the Frankischer Hof at the Weiherbach or at the shooting range in the Bahnhofstrabe – a lively club activity always unfolded. Later, the Schutzenschwestern and Schutzenbruder had to tackle again when it came to building their own Schutzenheim in the so-called Wolfsschlucht, after a corresponding building on the Kommerzienrat-Riexinger-Weg could be acquired and the corresponding land purchased from the city of Burgkunstadt. Since then, sports activities have picked up again. And the club life also became lively.

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Ibrahimovic puts sweden on course – disgraceful danes

Ibrahimovic puts Sweden on course - Disgraceful Danes

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has put Sweden back on track in Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

Four days after a 2-1 loss to Austria in Vienna, Ibrahimovic scored both goals in Solna (35./82. Minute) to the 2-0 (1-0) victory of the three-crown team against the soccer dwarf Faroe Islands.

With the expected win, Sweden closed the gap on Austria and Ireland in Germany’s Group C with eleven points. Due to the worse goal difference, the Scandinavians are in third place behind the Austria team. German coach Joachim Low’s selection leads the group ahead of the next matchday on 6. September with 16 points sovereign.

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